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Welcome to this week's newsletter which is a Festive Special and the final one of 2021!

I'm practicing what I preach by taking a decent amount of time off this Christmas and I hope you're going to be able to do the same.

I'm looking forward to coming back in the New Year with batteries recharged ready to kick on!

But first, here is the final newsletter of the year...

My favourite books of 2021

My latest blog is a selection of some of the books I’ve enjoyed reading most this year.

A great mix of some brilliant books and something for everyone!

Read more on the blog

My Guide to Festive Eating

You’ll see tonnes of tips and hints online on how to ‘survive Christmas’.

You don’t need to survive it!

It’s a short period of time once a year to enjoy.

Your overall progress isn’t dictated by a few days at Christmas.

The reason I bang on about consistency is because what you’ve done over the last few months and throughout this year is way more important.

If you aren’t where you want to be then this probably isn’t a time to start, or worry about it.

And if you are happy with the progress you’ve made up until now, Christmas doesn't need to undo all that good work.

Here is my approach and what I suggest to clients:

Certain days like Christmas Day and Boxing Day just relax and enjoy it.

Have what you want.

If you always start the day with a Terry’s chocolate orange and glass of champas then go for it!

Then on the other days strike a balance that works for you.

You’ll likely be eating and drinking more than usual but not every meal of every day needs to be to excess.

There might be some meals you keep pretty normal, or if you’re feeling stuffed you might skip the odd meal completely.

Nothing drastic or overly restrictive, just whatever works for you based on how you’re feeling.

In these relatively normal meals, where possible try to include protein and veggies. Keep drinking lots water and stay active. If you don’t feel like training as normal, at least get out for a walk most days.

And that's how you enjoy the festive period free from guilt and without starting the New Year feeling like you’ve done 12 days of eating competitions.
Reflect on 2021

I mentioned at the start of the month about celebrating your wins and making a note of your accomplishments and high points from the last 12 months.

I hope you've done this because it's such a nice way to end the year.

And if you haven't, it's not to late to start.

Allow yourself a moment over the holidays – perhaps with a glass of something – to just sit and reflect on the things you did well this year.

We're always in a rush to move onto the next thing. You know people will be banging on about New Year's resolutions they have no intention of sticking.

We'll get to that, and we'll talk about goals for 2022 in due course.

But for the next week or two just enjoy where you are and feel good about what you've accomplished.
A quick thank you...

I just want to take the chance to thank you for reading these newsletters and for subscribing.

Whilst I enjoy writing them, fundamentally these newsletters are about trying to provide you with information every week that could help you live happier, healthier lives in the most practical and sustainable way possible.

Knowing that people are reading them and finding them helpful is what it's all about.

I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and wish you a healthy, happy 2022!


If you enjoyed this I'd love to hear from you.
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