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The Biggest Fat Loss Mistake Busy People Make And How To Avoid This

In theory, fat loss is simply about creating a calorie deficit.

This means giving our bodies less calories than they need to stay the same weight. Which we can do by eating less calories. Or through increasing how much we move.

Sounds simple enough but that doesnt mean it's easy.

Successful fat loss requires patience and adopting an approach that factors in all the demands of your day to day life. Everything you do each day requires energy. Your job, looking after your family, completing daily chores, exercising, it all needs to be considered in the approach that you take.

And this is typically where busy, driven people often go wrong - they adopt an 'all or nothing' approach.

Their drive and ambition almost works against them. They massively reduce how much they eat whilst also drastically ramping up their exercise. Thinking that throwing everything at it is going to result in better results in less time.

Unfortunately it doesnt work like that, and this approach usually results in burning-out or giving up.

Which means fat loss goals fall by the wayside. But more worryingly, they jeopardise their ability to do their job and all the other things they need to do. Because if you're living on rabbit food and running yourself into the ground you simply can't perform to the level you need to.

The answer lies in having the 'discipline to do less' – adopting a plan that does factor in the demands of your job and your life.

Instead of drastically cutting calories, reduce sensibly by 300-500 calories per day. Rather than annihilating yourself in the gym everyday, train at a moderate intensity 3-4 times a week and aim for 10k steps a day.

Start a plan that you know you can sustain whilst also being able to perform as you need to, this is how you will be successful with both.
Every year I have clients who come back in January wanting to make a MASSIVE change to their diet.

For some it's giving up meat, others want to ditch the chocolate, and the common one is quitting all alcohol.

Then around 3-4 weeks into the year – around this time – they start to realise that maybe they do still want the odd glass of wine, bar of chocolate or steak.

And that's absolutely fine.

That's when I remind them that you can make progress with your health and fitness goals without having to overhaul your diet and cut out all foods that you enjoy.

So if you've done the same, and you're now feeling like a failure because those big changes didn't last, DON'T!

They served a purpose. They helped you feel more healthy after overindulging at Christmas. Now adopt a more balanced approach.

Aim for 80% of your food to come from wholesome, nutritious sources.

Then allow yourself 20% for foods you enjoy.

Best of both!

Have a great week,
Health & Performance Coach
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