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Rock bottom. That's where my client was 4 weeks ago when they first contacted me.

A serious health scare
Signed off work on the sick
Juggling a high pressure job and family life leaving them completely burnt out

Last week they told me “I feel the best I’ve ever felt”

We’ve completely turned things around.

Established boundaries between work and home life.
10 pounds down – not the main goal but a great win.
At peace with saying no.
More quality time.
Sleeping better, feeling calmer.

A heck of a transformation achieved by more simple changes than you might expect.

My client was known for their ability to handle anything.
The powerhouse that could do it all.
No matter how busy they were, they found a way to get it done.
They didn’t say no.

But by never saying no, they didn't switch off.
There were no boundaries between work and home life.
It all just blended into one.

Exercise didn’t feature.
Drinking too much – sleeping terribly.
Waking up exhausted only to go again.
Grinding on.
Never any time for them. There wasn’t time.

Unfortunately it took a health scare to bring about a desperately needed change.

The enforced time-off work provided an opportunity to reassess things.
To accept – painfully – they do have limits.
And for too long they’d pushed beyond them.

We started with the easy wins.

The key was to be selective about what we changed.
This is someone who was burnt out.
Less is more.
A high intensity exercise plan and a demanding list of new habits and routines were the last thing they needed.

Walking is a great starting point.

It’s exercise but without too much stress on the body.
A lunchtime walk is now a daily habit.
It’s in the diary everyday so it always happens.
From there we built to consistent low intensity workouts.

Next we designated a specific work place at home.
The ONLY place they work.
Not on the sofa, in the kitchen or in bed.
The rest of their home now back to being their home, where they relax.

Flexibility with diet is great, but in the short-term rules can be really effective.
We agreed a new rule they'd only drink once a week – on a Saturday evening.
Not weekends – or Thursday to Sunday – as they had before.

These were the key changes we started with.
And the huge impact they’ve had is down to consistency and accountability.
We committed to a plan of action and they’ve kept to it.

Clearly this isn’t job done.

The next challenge is sustaining these changes.
Avoiding falling back into old habits – the way the 'old them' did things.
But we have momentum on our side and positivity from the progress already made.

When you’re at your lowest turning things around feels impossible.

You feel stuck on a hamster wheel you hate, but you can’t get off.
But you can get off and you can turn things around.
And it’s usually achieved through small changes and building from there.

Have a great week!
Health & Performance Coach
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