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I love it when clients DON’T train on holiday 🏖🏖

Don’t get me wrong, I have no issue if they choose to.

But that’s the important thing, they do it because they want to.

Not out of guilt or obligation.

I never want training and exercise to just be about burning calories for the people I work with.

Sure it does, there’s no denying that the more we move, the more calories we burn.

But to view exercise as simply being about burning off what we eat seems a real shame.

It should be about what we gain from it.

Strength, fitness, energy, confidence, fulfilment etc.

There’s also the fact that people often don’t take enough holidays.

You want the time you do actually get a break from work to be about rest, recuperation or whatever you want it to be.

Not some duty to drag yourself to the gym everyday to burn off last night’s wine and dessert.

Remember, the few weeks a year where you’re on holiday aren’t what define your health and fitness.

That’s why I bang on about consistency so much.

If you develop a routine that works for you the rest of the year, that week or two will have no impact at all.

Enjoy the break.

And the best thing about people taking a break is that they come back recharged and wanting to get back to their training.

Rather than grinding away whilst on holiday, then coming back to more of the same.
Usually this just leads to them dropping off down the line.

If you choose to train on holiday then great. Go for it.

If it works for you and you feel better for it then by all means crack on.

But equally, if you don’t feel like you want to, then that’s fine too.

Enjoy your holiday.

Enjoy the break from your normal routine.
And pick things back up when you get home.

Health & Performance Coach
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