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I need a holiday!

I don’t know about you but I can always tell when I need a break.

I’ll be less creative, less motivated and everything seems to take longer and feel like more effort.

Obviously I’ll always give my all to my clients – it’s all the other stuff that comes with running a business that becomes a massive chore!

But the good news is I’m taking some time off in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait!

What can be difficult when you run a business or have a demanding job though is switching off.

It would be great to think we could close the laptop, pack our bags and be in full holiday mode but unfortunately that's not always the case.

There’s two scenarios I’ll typically see...

One is that people will really struggle to adapt to holiday mode.

They’ve worked so hard prior to their time off that they are wired. Without meaning to they’ll just continue to check emails, check on projects and communicate with colleagues.

Physically they’ve gone on holiday but mentally they are still in the office.

Obviously this isn't great for them but it's not much fun for the people they are on holiday with either.

And the second scenario is that people do manage to switch off but at some stage of the holiday they’ll start to think about work again.

This can often be in a good way. Because they're relaxing and getting some much needed headspace they actually start having ideas and getting fired up about work.

But they are meant to be on holiday – getting back into work mode before they need to is spoiling those precious days away.

Here are some awesome strategies that can help you deal with these scenarios:

- Before your time off speak to colleagues and clients so that they know you wont be responding to emails.

- Hand over any tasks you need to and make sure everyone is up to speed.

- Switch on your out of office with instructions on who to contact ‘in case of an emergency’.

- Start a list of anything you need to follow up when you get back.

Now you can feel assured everything is in place you need to plan how you’ll relax.

I know, I know, it sounds over the top but it’s often needed.

- Plan activities, download some audiobooks and buy a
few novels. Fill that empty space with activities that will help you relax otherwise it will get filled with work.

- And finally remove work emails from your phone – do it!

Now the big one, how to manage thoughts about work whilst you’re away?

When I first started meditating a few years ago I learnt a technique called ‘noting’.

It’s when you’re trying to clear your mind but find yourself thinking about something. You note the thought, try to let it go and go back to focusing on your breathing and letting your mind be still. There’s something about noting it that allows you to move on.

I’ve taken that same noting technique and found it works really well to help people deal with thoughts of work whilst on holiday.

What you do is literally note it.

Have a notebook or notes section on your phone. When you have that thought about work, or that great idea you note it down. It’s recorded and there for when you can action it when you get back.

You don’t need to worry about forgetting it. And more importantly you don’t need to keep thinking about it.

Now you can get back to your cocktail and reading your book!

Your holiday is not only precious, it’s needed!

You deserve to be fully in holiday mode, and the people you are with deserve to have you fully present and undistracted.

Protect that time away by using these strategies and ensure you come back from your break fully recharged and ready to go again!

(And if you've got any strategies that help you switch off I'd love to hear them?)

Have a great week, life is now!
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