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One minute I’m playing football with my wife’s little brother – firing long balls like I’m 17 again – the next I’m limping home after something in my thigh went ping.

I guess it’s a sign I’m getting old!

I’m due to be doing a 50 mile run in the lakes at the start of October so the timing is far from ideal.

Injuries suck but they happen unfortunately.

This my mindset and how I approach things whenever I'm injured:

  1. Focus on what I can do

I can’t run and that sucks. But I can still train upper body and other body parts.

Training is a big pillar for me in terms of my wellbeing – the important thing is just to do something. Which means adapting my training and feeling good about what I can still do.

  1. See injuries as opportunities

Often there’s things we either want to focus on, or know we probably should, and injuries give us the opportunity to do that.

It might be training weaker muscles or movements. Another style of training you can focus on. And if you can’t do any training at all, using the additional time for something else instead.

I’ve been watching the latest series of Hard Knocks on the Detroit Lions and the coach is absolutely jacked!

I’d been thinking β€˜yeah it’s cool being able to run far, but nothing beats looking jacked’

(Maybe I’ve wished this injury on myself)

So whilst I can’t run this week I’m going to get stuck into some proper old-school bodybuilding style workouts. Nothing functional or running related. Just chasing the pump!

If you're currently injured, I definitely sympathise.

Where possible try to focus on what you CAN still do and see the injury as an opportunity.

And maybe it's the positive mindset, or the endless icing I’ve been doing – but my leg is feeling a lot better already.

I’ve still got 2 weeks until the run so we’ll see…

Have a great week, life is now!
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